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Military Records Lookup

With Military Records Search You can lookup US Army Records, US Navy Records, Air Force Records, Marine Records, Any US Military Records past or present. Find rank, enlistment date, war records, departure date, wounds, and much more using our extensive Military Search databases.

You too can have instant access to investigate practically anyone including job applicants, potential dates, neighbours, relatives, and even friends! It is now possible to track down someone with just their Name.

Today, you can find what you want from the comfort of your own home, and at a fraction of the cost of hiring a private investigator. For example, you can find out if someone you know has ever been arrested, gotten married, filed for divorce, declared bankruptcy, or filed a lawsuit. You can even find out about their home or car loans, the kind of credit card debts they have, and even get a printout of their monthly cell phone bill, itemizing all their incoming and outgoing calls...... LOOKUP ANYONE'S HISTORY NOW- Past or Present!

By using our 100% legal and fully organized database, you will have access to complete research tools for obtaining private information about practically anyone in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada & Australia.

Get instant access to the same resources used by the federal governement, police detectives, and licensed private investigators by becoming a member today.

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Begin your Military Records search by filling in the form above.

Search Results May Include:

    First & Last Name
Current Phone Number
Current Address
Current email address
Branch Of Military
War Records
Date Of Birth
Date Of Enlistment
Dates of Service
Medical Records
Death or Death in Service
Location Stationed
Enlistment Date
Departure Date

Plus Background Info

Background Check
Vehicle Information
Expiration date
Make & Model of Vehicle
VIN Number
Title Number
Lien holder name
Driving Records
DUI Records
DMV Records
Criminal Records History
Court Records & Lawsuits
Inmate & Prison Locator
Arrests & Mugshot Records
Parolee & Bail Records
Sex Offenders & Location
Unclaimed Money
Bankruptcy Records & Liens
Property Records
Birth, Death & Marriage
Passenger Records
Cemetery Records
Newspaper Obituaries
Census Records
Family People Search
Military War Records
Adoption Records
Vital Records
Email Address Search
SSN Verification
Voter Verification
and more...

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Using our databases and resources, you will have access to the same information as government and law enforcement officials. From your own home or office you will have the power to do complete background checks on practically anyone the fast and simple way by accessing our powerful databases and resources!

Search through 100's of Millions of records quickly & easily!

You will be amazed at the information that will literally be at your fingertips using our members-area. Over the years and through feedback from our customers the members-area has been optimized so that it is not only incredibly easy to search our database, but it is also incredibly efficient. Using our easy to navigate database you will be on your way to quickly and easily locating information that is otherwise very difficult to find.

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Our Members area is constantly being Updated! Databases are updated daily with millions of new records added everyday. The information in our private members area will truly amaze you! There are literally Millions of Public Record searches that you can do in the members area, including:
  • Search criminal records, arrest records, sentencing files, bonds, parolees, and inmates
  • Research convictions, court records, and court cases
  • Locate Addresses and Phone Numbers and Location Mapping
  • Lookup Old Marriage Records & Death Records
  • Access Small Claims & Judgment Files
  • Lookup Bankruptcy Records
  • Search People's Census Records
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Other typical reverse searches include reverse email search, reverse cell number search,  and more!

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